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We are a internet marketing company with specializing in multi-faceted development for your business to maximize profits and generate long term success. In a nutshell we just too do one thing for your business is too generate more money for our clients.
We expertise in developing high-level target oriented marketing strategies to generate a flow of revenue for our for our clients and increase margins by cutting down their costs. We use various tools And channels too achieve these goals Consulting , Internet Marketing strategizing , SEO (search engine optimization) , Social Media marketing , Search Engine Marketing , Paid advertising ,etc .
No two businesses are exactly alike so we don't follow a set rules of internet marketing strategies for our clients. We don't just go through the standard rules of marketing for all companies. With your inputs , and the experience of our expertise we customize your internet market plans which we call them as Target oriented marketing strategies .
With experience, innovation and co-operative efforts we deliver results for our clients. We follow a simple strategy of ROI , we plan for a budget and strategy with our customers so they get the goals Are achieved as per plans.

SEO Services

Search Engine optimization is the art of making web and phone results to be friendly by search engines. We follow the priniciples of the Best Search Engines and make sure applications are SEO friendly.
Most Important SEO Techniques:
As we know for search Engines Content is the king. Flint provides search engine optimization copywriting or optimizes your content with keywords and phrases naturally integrated.
Optimize the web design and structure for user friendly W3C Standard coding adjustment for search engine friendly Keyword Reasearch.
Creation of targeted, optimized META tags including title, keyword, and description, alt, and URL based on the keyword research.
Create XML sitemap to index all site pages on Google, Yahoo and MSN Build premium backlinks for higher PageRank Submit your optimized site to major search engines up to 100 search engines, including Google, MSN, Yahoo, and other directories.
Follow-up submissions
Directory Submissions
Linking and backlinking

Social Media

To say social media usage has exploded in recent times would be stating the obvious. Surveys reveal that LinkedIn has over 100 million users, Twitter has over 200 million accounts and Facebook is crossing 600 million users. The manner in which B2C and B2B buyers identify and share information is being influenced enormously by social media.
Our profession demands that we closely follow customer behavior patterns and help our clients adjust their marketing strategies accordingly.
Aware of the fact that social factors are increasingly influencing search engine rankings, we undertake social media and search engine integrations. After careful study, we suggest a marketing plan designed to make your business rank high in the present socially optimized world. We help our clients move ahead with times and start expanding their presence.
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube have all gained wide recognition and there is now a compelling necessity for you to register your presence on these social media giants. Simply stated, social media marketing is highly helpful for every business that has customers using the internet.
Our design team will come up with attention-grabbing social media layouts for your business to capture attention. We also help you maintain your accounts and promote your business through these with regular posts and interacting with your fan followers and prospects.

Paid Search : PPC , Ad Networks , Remarketing and Media Buying

Our team manages your whole paid campaign , instead of wasting your cost on ineffective advertisement, we make sure we reach your target audience by managing your Online Paid Media campaigns.
Flint works with you to select an initial set of keywords to target with your pay per click campaign, and then research additional keywords, across your target audience's entire research/buying cycle to test for effectiveness in meeting your marketing goals.
Flint's Comprehensive Coverage Includes:
Google Adwords PPC Management
Yahoo Search Marketing
Keyword Research
Pay-Per-Click Ad Copy and Configuration
PPC Bid and Gap Management Services
PPC Conversion Rate Marketing
Smarter Bid Management
Monthly Analysis Reports
Managing Other PPC Providers
Constant Review and Optimization
Benefits of Pay-Per-Click Management:
New customers find your site.
Targeted traffic.
Organized campaigns to maximize your budget.
Achieve higher click through rates via better target ads.
Reach demographic segments that match your target customer profile.
Develop better landing pages to improve conversion ratio. Simplify pay-per-click management.
Improve overall campaign performance.
Along with Organic traffic , there is opportunity too capture additional traffic from paid campaigns, A lot ad networks (like google and bing) private networks enable you advertise your business using Various methodologies of banners, social media , linking your business advertisements can be distributed virally in their Networks of traffic. Our experts can enable you spread across in these Networks looking as per your needs by being focused oriented and taking care of your ROI.

Target Oriented Marketing

Just getting high volume traffic to your website or app is not enough for you too achieve your goals. Quality of traffic which reaches you as qualified buyers for the product or service you sell is more important. And that is more important for you than just improving on search engine rankings. We use unique consumer , keywords , analysis and research our target oriented marketing are the art of using specialized keywords, market trends, various tools and techniques to reach your target audience which can potentially qualify for you as hot leads of the products or services you offer.
Enables you
>Increase traffic of qualified leads
>Boosts Sales
>Provide credibility and visbility

Client Testimonials

Our requirement was a bit complicated than it seemed. They handled it smoothly and also providing us further customizations as well. Would be working on multiple projects with them definitely.

Our application needed domain expertise of auto sectors , the team came up with a satisfying solution in the end. They adapted too the requirements in the design phase itself , in the end we we very happy with the total end solution.

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